My Botox Journey with Dr Chua Veritas

Today, I am sharing with you my Botox journey and my Veritas medical review. I know… the first thing that comes to your mind about Botox is definitely negative. There are too many misconceptions associated with this treatment.

I was pretty sceptical about it initially as well, worried that I would turn out plastic or bad and that its effects would be irreversible. However, after reading about my friend, Mori’s blog where she shared her experience with Botox and results, I was curious to find out more about the clinic and what they could offer me.

The clinic that she introduced me was Veritas Medical Aesthetics at Capitol Piazza. It is located at the mall just right beside City Hall MRT.

When I was there, the staff were all very friendly and approachable. They made sure that I was comfortable and well taken care of as I filled in my particulars. When I consulted with Dr Chua Veritas, he was meticulous in assessing my needs and concerns. I mentioned that I would love to have a sharper jaw and he recommended a Botox procedure that would do just that.

Well… Honestly, I really don’t hate my face. I love who I am and I am confident of how I look. However, if I could improve certain features of my face, why not right?

Not sure if you have noticed, I have a pretty strong jawline that caused my face to look wider. I have always wished to have a sharper V-shaped face without undergoing any invasive procedures to alter my face like plastic surgery.

Now I am going to walk you through the procedure.

Step 1: Numbing


I was ushered into a room when they applied numbing cream on my jawline. The room was well decorated and cosy. I could choose to lie down or sit on a massage chair and I chose the latter. I waited for 30 minutes for the numbing cream to set.

Botox Numbing Cream

Step 2: The procedure (Pretty short duration, maybe 10 minutes)

I sat up on their chair and Dr Chua Cheng Yu asked me to bite my teeth as though I am chewing something so that he could find my masseter muscles. In order for me not to feel the needles going in, his assistant Michelle placed a massager on another part of my face to distract me. Overall, I really couldn’t feel the needles pricking me. The pain level is probably 2/10.

And then I am done! Dr CY Chua mentioned that it takes roughly 2 weeks to see the full results.

botox after
How I looked like after minutes after the procedure.

Results time

botox results

How I looked like prior to the treatment (left) VS Two weeks after the treatment (right)

You can really tell that my left side of the face has slimmed down quite a bit. It may look pretty subtle because I did not go under the knife. However, I am really impressed with the results that I am seeing thus far!

As you could tell from the previous picture, prior to my Botox treatment at Veritas Medical Aesthetics, I didn’t have a very symmetrical face. My left side of the face was slightly puffier or bigger than the right. So Dr Chua did try to help me to even out both sides.

Botox smile results

The results are more obvious when I smile. You can really tell when I compare a picture taken recently (right) from a picture taken a few months ago (left). My face is so much sharper now and I can finally see a V-shaped jawline. 

How I felt after the procedures with Dr Chua Veritas / Downtime

There was really no downtime for this procedure. I could eat normally and chew properly after that. My face was also not swollen after the procedure. So if you were to go for this procedure during lunch time, it can totally be done and your colleagues will not even be able to tell that you did something to your face. I also didn’t experience any side effects, thankfully.

However, this may differ from person to person. Overall, I am very satisfied with the results and the professionalism of Dr Chua. If you are considering this treatment, my advice is to make an appointment for a consultation so that Dr Chua can assess your needs and suggest a treatment that will be catered for you.

Please reach me at if you have any questions about this Dr Chua Cheng Yu review and I would love to be able to share more with you.

With Love,


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