What Are The Best Dark Eyes Circles Treatments In Singapore

If dark circles and dark bags under the eyes are often hereditary and come from poor blood circulation, the bags under the eyes are due to clumps of fat. If dark circles are often inherited and come from poor blood circulation, the bags under the eyes are due to clusters of fat.

It is said that a rested look saves ten years. It is an excellent reason to be interested in advanced techniques in medicine and cosmetic surgery which allow beautifying the periorbital area.

The benefits of dark eyes circles removal

It is a life-changing thing to have the bags I removed! Many people feel bad about looking tired all the time. Everyone thought you spent your nights partying while it is not true.

It is the reason why many men and women want to find a fresh look. Thanks to esthetic or surgical solutions such as blepharoplasty, one of the most practised cosmetic acts behind liposuction and breast augmentation (according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) to rejuvenate by correcting one’s eyelids, is possible today.

Dark circles and bags under the eyes: the origins

close up of Dark circles

Dark circles are often hereditary and come from poor blood circulation or hyper-pigmentation. On the other hand, the bags under the eyes are due to an excess of fat. Sometimes genetic or which appears with age. Very often, dark circles and bags go hand in hand.

Dark eyes circles treatments in Singapore

female dark eye circle before and after treatments

Singapore offers some of the best cosmetic and beauty clinics in the world, ad some of the most recognized and experienced doctors and practitioners. TheLookBook has written a great guide on the most popular dark eye circle treatments in Singapore

Nowadays, we see a whole lot of patients flying to the benefit of the bets dark eyes circles treatments in Singapore, and to get the best procedures, with top service and advice from professional teams of beauty specialists in Singapore.

But what are the best technics that can be applied to all dark eyes circles cases? Let’s find out the treatment and methods now available to you in the best Singaporean beauty clinics.

Laser and hyaluronic acid to reduce dark circles

In the case of dark circles, it is possible to overcome them with laser sessions. As explained by the tp specialists of dark eyes circles treatments in Singapore, the laser is valid only in the case of hyperpigmentation, which is common in people with dark skin. We can then lighten these areas shade in two or three sessions.

Dark circles can also be dug out, a phenomenon that increases with age. According to specialists and dermatologists in Singapore, hyaluronic acid is then “completely suitable”.

It is enough to inject it to restore shape. It is done in the office, and the results are almost immediate — small bruises and swellings following the act fade in a week. For a lasting effect, the gesture is generally to be repeated every two years.

Cosmetic surgery to remove dark eyes circles in Singapore

If you have bags under your eyes, with or without associated dark circles, the most indicated correction technique consists of a blepharoplasty, that is to say, a surgery which will remove the fat under the eyes and remove excess skin.

When there is very little skin to remove, most often before 40 years of age, the intervention is done by the endo-conjunctival route. That is to say that the surgeon removes the excess fat passing through the inside of the eyelid without making a visible incision. There is no visible scar.

However, the bags under the eyes are sometimes huge, especially after 40 years. In this case, an incision located two millimetres at most under the eyelashes is then made. To not change the look of the patient, it is often slightly extended in the crow’s feet.

Whether it is endo-conjunctival or surgical, small pits under the eyes may exist.

To avoid differences in level, the doctor performs an addition blepharoplasty with lipo-filling during the same procedure.

Fat is taken from around the patient’s navel, or knees, and it is injected inside the lower eyelids. Smoothing is thus perfect. If fine lines are present around the eyes, the surgery is completed with laser sessions., peeling or Botox, to be renewed every two or three years.

Dark eyes circles and post-operative actions

If the eye rejuvenation techniques mentioned above are generally not painful, in the case of eyelid surgery, discomfort may persist for several days in the area concerned.

For a few days or a couple of weeks, some patients have to tilt their head back to look at the ceiling. Otherwise, they could have a feeling of tightness in the eyes.

For other patients of blepharoplasty with lipo-filling to come to the bottom of the eyes’ pockets, it could happen that for a month, sunglasses were mandatory because my eyes were swollen.

Besides, you have the threads along the entire length of the incision. However, nobody notices them because they are white and after a few weeks you don’t see the scar anymore as a result is perfect.

The price of dark eyes circles treatments in Singapore

The rates of some of the best dark eyes circles treatments in Singapore vary depending on the type of intervention, the reputation of the doctor and the clinic. On average:

  • Blepharoplasty of the two lower eyelids: from $1,500
  • Laser: between $300 and $400 / session
  • Hyaluronic acid: between $300 and $400 / session
  • Peeling: from $300 / session
  • Botox: from $300 / session