We are a team of three people who are interested in different medical treatments. One morning I woke up with a headache and I realized that I didn’t know why. Actually, I didn’t know anything about my body and different diseases. It was time to change all this so I called my best friends and we decided to create this blog in order to pronounce different health conditions and how to heal them. They were glad that I have this idea because there is nothing more important than health.

People always value health when they lose it so our blog will help you, dear reader, to hold your health as long as possible. You will read in our Retracehealth.com about hair care, dermal care, skin conditions, dental implants, etc. In addition, we will publish interesting materials about aesthetic surgeries and non-invasive procedures, because health sometimes is not enough to feel happy – beauty is needed. Stay focused on our topics and you will learn many new things. Thank you for giving to us some of your precious time. We appreciate it.