The Best Treatment to Tighten Large Pores of the Skin

Having enlarged pores, or dilated, in the face gives the skin an irregular appearance with lots of tiny holes, which is far from being aesthetic! See how to find back soft and smooth skin.

Who is predisposed to have enlarged pores?

Large pores in the skin are quite common in both men and women. Ultimately, this little problem can lead to some imperfections such as pimples or even acne.

No wonder that dilated pores are sometimes a source of complex, especially when some lesions appear in the middle of our face. Fortunately, cosmetic medicine nowadays makes it possible to do away with enlarged pores.

Large pores: what is it?

Woman face with large pores

The pores are small orifices of the sebaceous, sweat glands and the seat of the hair follicles. They so breathe the skin.

On the face, enlarged pores are often located on the part which forms a T; in particular on the edges of the nose, the chin and the forehead. The pores are always more or less dilated and are therefore more or less visible depending on the person. In general, they are, most often, found in men — the fault of androgen hormones which tend to stimulate the production of sebum during puberty.

Large pores are especially visible in people with oily skin. However, some patients with dry, sensitive skin may also have enlarged pores, likewise, for people with mature skin.

When the pores are dilated, they can become infected. Obstructed, it is then possible to see black dots appear, but also small buttons, the micro-cysts.

Expanded pores: the causes?

Several causes are at the origin of large pores:

  • Heredity: in most cases, people with large pores have a family member with the same characteristics.
  • Hormonal imbalance: especially during puberty, menopause or even during pregnancy. Enlarged pores may appear following significant stimulation of the sebaceous glands by hormones — the fault of androgens, a male hormone, which will stimulate this production.
  • Dehydration of the skin: dehydrated skin is often more prone to the appearance of large pores.
  • A lousy lifestyle: a diet too rich in fat or tobacco can facilitate the appearance of large pores. Indeed, a diet too rich contributes to making the skin oily. As for the nicotine present in cigarettes, it will harm the hyaluronic acid within the skin and responsible for its hydration.
  • The sun and UV rays: after prolonged exposure to the sun, the skin thickens and thus more easily retains sebum in the skin. After a few weeks, it will thicken and evacuate the excess sebum contributing to the appearance of large pores.
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Enlarged pores: what remedies?

Cosmetologist applies cream on the patient's face

Large pores are often considered an unsightly problem, and there are many possible techniques to fix it.

Everyone has skin problems and treatments to relieve these enlarged pores are going from classic peelings to laser treatments. However, all these treatments are not always suitable as they are rarely adjusted to the quality of the skin or may have some contraindications.

Exfoliating products

The AHA products (alpha hydroxy acid) are the first remedy to refine skin texture and dissolve plugs that clog the pores. They work by decreasing the cohesion between the cells of the stratum corneum, which exfoliate more quickly and exist in the form of cleansers, lotions, or night creams.

We can use them daily if we support them (fragile skin, in general, do not like too much).

For more mature skin, the dermatologist is more likely to prescribe a cream with vitamin A acid or retinoic acid, a drug that has an anti-ageing action as a bonus.

There, the side effects are even more important (redness, tingling, tightness). Applications must be increased very gradually so that the skin gets used to it. But there is no better product to make the skin texture smooth and the skin toned!

Dermatological peels

For a more effective renovation of the epidermis, one can go to the dermatologist and perform a series of light peels glycolic acid, which beautifully tightens the small gaps. They do not peel the skin; we can program them at lunchtime. However, it takes 4 to 6 sessions spaced 15 days apart to rave about your new skin texture.

Some dermatologists may also offer a modified lactic, salicylic, and resorcinol acids peel. There, the results are a little more visible. However, the skin is very pink, like after a sunburn, then it fluffs for three days. But the results are superior, too. Also, plan 4 to 5 sessions spaced 15 days apart.

Whatever solution you choose, the result of the peel is taking at least a few months. It is therefore not necessary to interrupt the daily application of exfoliating creams.

It is the reason why the best Singaporean clinics are now using a revolutionary treatment based on Neogen Plasma. It is a treatment to improve the quality of the skin that is recognized by public safety.

Neogen Plasma treatment for enlarged pores

Neogen treatment is a revolutionary approach, developed in Japan, that creates new plasma energy, used to work and improve skin cells quality and tension. Top clinics and practitioners like Cambridge Therapeutics now use this new Neogen treatment in Singapore and around the world.

The Neogen plasma energy is interacting with the skin and has a more profound effect and action than any other treatment. The heat activates the natural healing and reduces the pores dilatation and general skin cells regeneration.

With the Neogen Plasma treatment, it should also be noted that the active ingredient is likely to penetrate the skin after the procedure better.

Results: With the Neogen Plasma treatment of enlarged pores, you will get many benefits: dullness of the skin, roughness, pore disorders, black spots, and more. There is also a real action on pores, dilation, and quality; as well as a reduction of acne spots in general.

And with Neogen Plasma, you can feel the benefits right away, as you can do your make up right after having your enlarged pores treatment.

Prevent your pores from expanding

To prevent the pores from enlarging, proper cleaning is essential! Exfoliate your face once or twice a week. Also, make masks to control sebum production. Using a moisturizer designed for your condition is ideal for not clogging pores. Besides, limit your amount of makeup. Thick layers of foundation can prevent your skin from breathing.

Large pores are very apparent, but fortunately, several treatments exist to restore a fresh complexion. To choose the treatment that is right for you, consult a specialist.

Fat Freeze in Singapore: discover this innovative technique!

Exercising and eating a balanced diet is not always enough to lose your love wrists. Aesthetic medicine has, therefore relied on Cryolipolysis to eliminate cellulite. Among the Cryolipolysis methods, focus on fat freeze and cool sculpting techniques; skin suction and extreme cold are on the program!

You play sports, you eat a balanced diet, but despite that, you can’t lose your love handles?

Or, on the contrary, you are more of the kind allergic to any physical activity, but you are still looking for a way to remove this little double chin that makes you complicated?

Why not try Fat Freeze treatments in Singapore?

How to lose weight fat freeze method?

cryolipolysis treatment non-surgical fat reduction

Fat freeze treatments and procedures in Singapore is a body contouring treatment by Cryolipolysis. It is a technique well known in aesthetic medicine which uses cold to melt the fat cells (containing fat) which resist sports and diets.

Until then, nothing new compared to cryotherapy which already promises to get rid of cellulite by subjecting the body to freezing cold for 3 minutes.

The difference between the two methods lies in the way of doing it. Fat freeze and Cryolipolysis are medical actions that use a machine also called Cool Sculpting

Concretely, the machine will vacuum a specific area of ​​the body while cooling it (to a temperature of -10 ° C approximately), which will have the effect of targeting and destroying fat cells (muscles and “good” cells, less sensitive to cold, will not be affected).

In the weeks following the treatment, the fat cells will continue to release the fat, which is eliminated naturally by the body.

This method would reduce the fat layer by 17 to 27%, depending on the area treated.

Who are the patients for a fat freeze in Singapore?

This cryolipolysis treatment is for people with localized excess fat that they cannot eliminate by eating a balanced diet and playing sports to lose weight. It is not enough for people who are overweight.

Thus, you are one of the eligible people if you want to lose weight from your stomach, arms, hips, thighs, neck and chin. Fat freeze treatments and cool sculpting also promise to say goodbye to your love handles, your back folds and your breeches.

Fat freeze treatments in Singapore

Weight loss and slimming cryolipolysis treatment

By choosing some of the best Singaporean centres, you entrust your body in the hands of our qualified practitioners, recognized for their techniques and services all around the world. Your doctors and dedicated staff will help you reach your goals thanks to our personalized follow-up. Reading reviews, like this one here is extremely important, you should always familiarize yourself with all the possible outcomes, benefits and risks of the treatment.

Until now, the only way to get rid of excess fat immediately was by liposuction. An expensive surgical method, which requires anaesthesia and causes painful operative consequences.

Fat Freeze and Cryolipolysis specialists in Singapore

Cryolipolysis is a new treatment for localized bulges. It allows a significant reduction in fat, without the trauma of invasive methods and risk for the surrounding tissue, unlike ultrasound and laser.

Slimming by cold is a modern application and one of the best treatments on the market. The crystallized fat will then be able to be eliminated naturally and definitively over the weeks.

  • A painless session without any side effects
  • Suitable for both women and men
  • A moment just for you in the individual cabin
  • Staff available and very caring

Cryolipolysis, what are the benefits?

  • No anaesthesia
  • Immediate effects from the 1st session
  • Tested and proven methods
  • Qualified personnel at your service

The fat freeze procedure steps in Singapore

  1. They apply to the areas a specific gel which stimulates the apoptosis of fat cells. The fatty mass is then sucked up by the applicator to be pressed against the two cooling panels.
  2. Thanks to thermotherapy, the suctioned area is first heated to a temperature of around 45 ° C for a few minutes. The area is then cooled to a temperature between -8 to -12 ° C, which causes vasoconstriction.
  3. Once the session is finished, the aspiration and crystallization stop. Your Singaporean practitioners perform a light manual massage on the treated area. The session is over; the client can get dressed.
  4. Thanks to this extreme cold, the fat will be able to be eliminated. Indeed, the fat cell ruptures and releases the fat which will be destroyed by the lymphatic pathways.

Before booking your session, you will also be invited to consult the list of contraindications.

Cryolipolysis promise to make you lose approximately 30% to 35% of the fat cells in the target areas at each session. You thus refine your silhouette where you wish.

Your Cryolipolysis sessions, at the best price

In Singapore, the best cosmetic and beauty clinics offer the customers a personalized program, adapted to their objectives and needs. Trust the best centre dedicated entirely to the Cryolipolysis method in Singapore, and benefit from the lowest rates on the market!

A conventional Cryolipolysis centre charges USD 200 to 500 per area, or between USD 2.000 and 4.000 euros on average to treat the entire size, for example.

You can treat four areas at the same time in a single 45-minute session. In just two sessions, we treat the entire hips, love handles and belly for a measurable result.

Skin Rejuvenation in Singapore by Thread lifting

The invention and rise in popularity of non-invasive beauty procedures have altered the aesthetic way of life. Most clients are seeking cheap, non-invasive, and less painful approaches with a short-term recovery period. Due to that, thread lifting has become one of the latest beauty enhancement methods in the market.

A face thread lift is no doubt one of the most popular procedures in Asia, particularly in Singapore. It is a non-surgical procedure for facial skin tightening. In this approach, the facial soft tissue (ptotic tissue) is suspended by a thread inserted in the skin by a subcutaneous method. The procedure is easy and fast because it involves inserting a thread into the skin through a cannula via a tiny incision.

Primarily, the thread is absorbed into the skin, thus leading to a slight tightening before the suture is cut at the point of insertion. With time, the suture will dissolve and produce a collection of cells and collagen called star tissue.

In Asia, the thread lifting method has evolved over the last 30 years, with many people taking it as a common lunchtime cosmetic procedure. In the past, clients raised concerns over threads that were not absorbed by the skin cells. However, modern threads are absorbable, effective, and safe.

The Korean threads are common in many Asian countries where beauty and cosmetic clinics have mushroomed due to the increased demand in thread lifting. In fact, it is a common procedure throughout Singapore, India, Thailand, Japan, and Korea.

Why People Seek ThreadLifting

Woman looking her face in mirror

The procedure is done on people whose skin has lost firmness and volume due to ageing and skin breakdown. An old skin structure can easily be noticed from the face skin and other gravity fighting parts of the body. With thread lifting, it can tighten old and loose skin cells without undergoing surgery.

Thread lifting is common in Singapore and many Asian countries due to its popularity and effectiveness in solving skin complications without surgery. After the lifting, the skin will look younger and smoother, thereby raising the self-esteem of an individual.

One of the advantages of thread lifting is that it does not involve general anaesthetic procedures since no surgeries are involved. Advanced threads are non-invasive and are, therefore, safe and healthy as there is minimal interference with the skin cells.

Threat Lifting Treatment Options in Singapore

In Singapore, thread lifting is done to lift facial skin against gravity, make the patient’s skin look younger and refreshed, and enhance the nose bridge. These treatment procedures are effective as some lifting results are visible immediately while long-term results will take several months to be visible.

Moreover, in Singapore, thread lifting is an in-office procedure done on weekdays and on weekends upon request, and it usually takes around 60-90 minutes on average. The procedure involves giving the patient a local anaesthetic to prevent pain and discomfort before the surgeon inserts the threads in the appropriate sites. The process takes a short time, after which the patient resumes regular duties. The procedure is non-surgical.

Types of Thread Lift Available in Singapore

There are numerous thread lifts available in Singapore, and you will have to choose a thread lift depending on your doctor’s recommendations. Threads are generally categorized as barbed or non-barbed.

Also, they are available in different lengths and thickness depending on the effectiveness required. The size of a thread to be used is solely dependent on the doctor’s preference. However, each thread has its pros and cons, as indicated below:

  1. Large threads


  • More effective in skins with heavy sagging
  • Minimal threads are required to achieve maximum lifting


  • Can damage inner skin cells
  • May cause dimpling
  1. Small threads


  • Easier to insert
  • Minimal downtime and post-treatment care needed


  • Many threads required
  • Not effective on skins with heavy sagging

Cost of Thread Lifting in Singapore

Group of singapore dollar banknote on wooden table

A thread lift treatment in Singapore ranges from $1500 to $4500. However, the cost varies depending on the thread’s brand and type. Besides, the doctor’s consultation fees and the post-treatment medical follow-ups will affect the cost of the treatment.

Before treatment, you should first consult other patients who have been treated for recommendations. Besides, you should also check on the techniques, the general procedures, and the quality of the materials used in the clinic.


Q: Is thread lifting safe?

A: A face thread lift is a beauty treatment that involves the subcutaneous insertion of a thread into the skin which is safe for medical use. The procedure has been tested and verified for the last 25 years.

Q: What are the benefits of a thread lift?

A: The benefits of a threadlift include skin tightening, stimulation of collagens, improved skin elasticity, reduction in fat deposits, and improvement in skin contours.

Q: What are its side effects?

A: The procedure is non-invasive with minimal side effects such as skin buckling when improperly done, mild pains, bruising, and edema.


Thread lifting is a popular treatment in Singapore and many Asian countries because it is fast and effective. Generally, it takes an average of one hour to insert the thread into the skin. In Singapore, there are many clinics that offer thread lifting at affordable prices ranging from $1500 to $4500.

Thread lifting is effective in treating old skin conditions to make it look young by tightening the loose skins. The procedure is effective and highly recommended for solving skin complications such as sagging.


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Eye Specialist Clinic in Singapore: How to choose the best one

Our eyesight is probably the most used sense among our five senses which is why it’s important to choose the right eye specialist clinic Singapore for you and your needs. After all, you will be entrusting to them something that you use every waking moment of your life.

However, with the number of options available, it can be difficult to distinguish which one is the best one for you and your needs. Here are some tips to help you with your decision.

Check them out below.

Tips on Choosing the Right Eye Specialist Clinic Singapore

Know the type of eye specialist you need.

First and foremost, you will need to know the different types of eye specialists when looking for an eye specialist clinic in Singapore, Dr Claudine Pang from Asia Retina explains. She adds that knowing the differences among them will help you decide to which specialist you need to go, based on your particular eye concern.

Different types of eye specialists


Ophthalmologist Laser surgery for vision correction

Ophthalmologists are eye specialists that have managed to complete their training in the field of ophthalmology and are, therefore, considered medical doctors. In Singapore, they are all registered with the Ministry of Health. They are trained to handle the surgical and medical care of eye diseases.


Optometrists, on the other hand, are also eye specialists but unlike ophthalmologists, they are not medical doctors. They are trained and licensed professionals who have completed their training in the field of optometry. They are the ones to see for vision tests, fitting, and prescription of eyeglasses and contact lenses.


Optician examining a patient

Opticians are eye specialists who are trained to interpret, fit, and dispense, the eyeglass prescriptions given to them by the other eye specialists. Depending on the type of licensing they have, they can or cannot dispense contact lenses.

In Singapore, all three professions need licenses from the Ministry of Health to legally operate.

Asking for recommendations

Ask family and friends for recommendations

If you’re looking for an eye specialist in Singapore, then you might want to consider asking a family member, friend, or even colleagues for recommendations. An eye specialist clinic recommended by family and friends has been tried and tested by them, so they will be able to share with you their experiences and outcome from their treatments.

Ask your doctor or paediatrician for recommendations

Your regular doctor will likely know more which are the best eye specialist clinics in your area, and they will even have a better sense of who is best suited for you. They will recommend a clinic who can best understand and accommodate your medical needs.

Choose someone who is trained to handle your particular eye problem

While all ophthalmologists have been trained to see and treat an extensive range of eye problems, it’s best to see someone who has specific training in your particular eye problem, especially if it falls under a specific sub-speciality. Doing so will ensure you get the high-quality care that you need.

Check out their experience in the field

Experience is important in the field of medicine which is why it’s an important factor to consider when choosing your eye specialist. Clinics with specialists who have been in the field for several years are more likely better-equipped to detect and diagnose your problem mostly because they have encountered more patients.

Moreover, seeing an experienced specialist gives you the reassurance that they have managed to maintain a practice in their chosen field.

Choose an eye specialist clinic that can provide you with all the services you need.

Choosing a clinic that has all the services you require will be convenient and less of a hassle for you compared to going to different clinics for different services. Although, this depends on the care you need. A clinic that offers less but more specialized services may be better than a general clinic if you require more specific care. Of course, there are other all-encompassing clinics that specialize in treating a wide array of eye conditions, one of them is Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre located at #15-10 The Paragon, 290 Orchard Rd. The clinic is headed by Dr Claudine Pang, one of the most experienced ophthalmologists in Singapore and can be reached on +65 6732 0007. Her clinic has many positive reviews on Google, it is a great place to go to if you’re having any concerns about your eye health.

Choose someone reputable that you’re comfortable with.

Surgeons applying patch of eye of patient

This is, after all, for you and your health, so it’s best if you go with someone with a solid reputation in the field and with whom you’re most comfortable with. Going to the best won’t matter if you’re not comfortable with the doctor you’re seeing or the clinic. Do your research and see what people are saying about the doctor you’re thinking of visiting – reading Google or Yelp reviews is highly recommended before making contact.


For most of us, we depend mainly on our sense of sight to get around and go about our daily lives. This is why it’s extremely important to find the right eye specialist clinic Singapore because they will be handling something we highly depend on.

While these tips might help with your decision, it’s ultimately up to you because the most important thing is that you’re comfortable with your specialist and that they provide you with the care that you need.