The Best Treatment to Tighten Large Pores of the Skin

Having enlarged pores, or dilated, in the face gives the skin an irregular appearance with lots of tiny holes, which is far from being aesthetic! See how to find back soft and smooth skin.

Who is predisposed to have enlarged pores?

Large pores in the skin are quite common in both men and women. Ultimately, this little problem can lead to some imperfections such as pimples or even acne.

No wonder that dilated pores are sometimes a source of complex, especially when some lesions appear in the middle of our face. Fortunately, cosmetic medicine nowadays makes it possible to do away with enlarged pores.

Large pores: what is it?

Woman face with large pores

The pores are small orifices of the sebaceous, sweat glands and the seat of the hair follicles. They so breathe the skin.

On the face, enlarged pores are often located on the part which forms a T; in particular on the edges of the nose, the chin and the forehead. The pores are always more or less dilated and are therefore more or less visible depending on the person. In general, they are, most often, found in men — the fault of androgen hormones which tend to stimulate the production of sebum during puberty.

Large pores are especially visible in people with oily skin. However, some patients with dry, sensitive skin may also have enlarged pores, likewise, for people with mature skin.

When the pores are dilated, they can become infected. Obstructed, it is then possible to see black dots appear, but also small buttons, the micro-cysts.

Expanded pores: the causes?

Several causes are at the origin of large pores:

  • Heredity: in most cases, people with large pores have a family member with the same characteristics.
  • Hormonal imbalance: especially during puberty, menopause or even during pregnancy. Enlarged pores may appear following significant stimulation of the sebaceous glands by hormones — the fault of androgens, a male hormone, which will stimulate this production.
  • Dehydration of the skin: dehydrated skin is often more prone to the appearance of large pores.
  • A lousy lifestyle: a diet too rich in fat or tobacco can facilitate the appearance of large pores. Indeed, a diet too rich contributes to making the skin oily. As for the nicotine present in cigarettes, it will harm the hyaluronic acid within the skin and responsible for its hydration.
  • The sun and UV rays: after prolonged exposure to the sun, the skin thickens and thus more easily retains sebum in the skin. After a few weeks, it will thicken and evacuate the excess sebum contributing to the appearance of large pores.
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Enlarged pores: what remedies?

Cosmetologist applies cream on the patient's face

Large pores are often considered an unsightly problem, and there are many possible techniques to fix it.

Everyone has skin problems and treatments to relieve these enlarged pores are going from classic peelings to laser treatments. However, all these treatments are not always suitable as they are rarely adjusted to the quality of the skin or may have some contraindications.

Exfoliating products

The AHA products (alpha hydroxy acid) are the first remedy to refine skin texture and dissolve plugs that clog the pores. They work by decreasing the cohesion between the cells of the stratum corneum, which exfoliate more quickly and exist in the form of cleansers, lotions, or night creams.

We can use them daily if we support them (fragile skin, in general, do not like too much).

For more mature skin, the dermatologist is more likely to prescribe a cream with vitamin A acid or retinoic acid, a drug that has an anti-ageing action as a bonus.

There, the side effects are even more important (redness, tingling, tightness). Applications must be increased very gradually so that the skin gets used to it. But there is no better product to make the skin texture smooth and the skin toned!

Dermatological peels

For a more effective renovation of the epidermis, one can go to the dermatologist and perform a series of light peels glycolic acid, which beautifully tightens the small gaps. They do not peel the skin; we can program them at lunchtime. However, it takes 4 to 6 sessions spaced 15 days apart to rave about your new skin texture.

Some dermatologists may also offer a modified lactic, salicylic, and resorcinol acids peel. There, the results are a little more visible. However, the skin is very pink, like after a sunburn, then it fluffs for three days. But the results are superior, too. Also, plan 4 to 5 sessions spaced 15 days apart.

Whatever solution you choose, the result of the peel is taking at least a few months. It is therefore not necessary to interrupt the daily application of exfoliating creams.

It is the reason why the best Singaporean clinics are now using a revolutionary treatment based on Neogen Plasma. It is a treatment to improve the quality of the skin that is recognized by public safety.

Neogen Plasma treatment for enlarged pores

Neogen treatment is a revolutionary approach, developed in Japan, that creates new plasma energy, used to work and improve skin cells quality and tension. Top clinics and practitioners like Cambridge Therapeutics now use this new Neogen treatment in Singapore and around the world.

The Neogen plasma energy is interacting with the skin and has a more profound effect and action than any other treatment. The heat activates the natural healing and reduces the pores dilatation and general skin cells regeneration.

With the Neogen Plasma treatment, it should also be noted that the active ingredient is likely to penetrate the skin after the procedure better.

Results: With the Neogen Plasma treatment of enlarged pores, you will get many benefits: dullness of the skin, roughness, pore disorders, black spots, and more. There is also a real action on pores, dilation, and quality; as well as a reduction of acne spots in general.

And with Neogen Plasma, you can feel the benefits right away, as you can do your make up right after having your enlarged pores treatment.

Prevent your pores from expanding

To prevent the pores from enlarging, proper cleaning is essential! Exfoliate your face once or twice a week. Also, make masks to control sebum production. Using a moisturizer designed for your condition is ideal for not clogging pores. Besides, limit your amount of makeup. Thick layers of foundation can prevent your skin from breathing.

Large pores are very apparent, but fortunately, several treatments exist to restore a fresh complexion. To choose the treatment that is right for you, consult a specialist.

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