The best hyperpigmentation treatment

Most people truly believe that if they have some skin pigmentation it will vanish with time. This is more than a myth and people who know it, have created hyperpigmentation treatments. It gives empty hopes and leaves disappointment when pigmented spots remain untouched. Actually, there is a type of pigmentation which could disappear – acne scar pigmentation – but the process takes at least one month. However, if your scars and pigmentation spots don’t have the intention to hide then its time for more powerful treatment that time could be.

What is Fractional Laser Resurfacing?

Sounds complicated, right? Fractional Laser Resurfacing stays for laser treatment, which targets various skin problems. Laser shooting has nothing in common with laser blades so you don’t have to worry about the effectiveness of the treatment. Laser treatment is not as invasive as surgery but it causes micro injuries. Thanks to the strength of the body, the micro injuries heal and new skin is not hyperpigmented. If the pigmentation is deep – like tattoos – laser will fritter the dark spots below the upper skin layer. Then the body will throw them away naturally. This method is useful for melasma, also.

Different lasers have different length of the waves. They can penetrate the skin at a different level and target various types of pigmentation. However, some people recommend microdermabrasion when it comes to skin pigmentation. Microdermabrasion has some benefits but it is not the best treatment if you want to get rid of melasma or freckles.

What will happen after the treatment?

Your skin will peel off after 10 days. While this is happening you will see a drastic difference in the skin colour. The most important thing is not to scratch it and leave the crust to fall naturally. Some people need more than one treatment when the pigmentation is in a big area. The recovery period is not as painful as you think. Actually, during the treatment, most people feel some discomfort but it’s not unbearable. After treatment, the discomfort vanishes. In addition, there are body parts, which are too sensitive and others, which are not sensitive at all.

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What are the most popular laser machines for laser hyperpigmentation treatment?

The most common laser machine is called Alexandrite 755nm and the length of its waves is 755nm. This laser is the gentlest one when it comes to the skin. People use it for age spots and freckles. It has a good effect on the sunspots, also.

People who have melasma won’t benefit from using Alexandrite 755nm. They need something harder, like ActiveFX Laser or the New PiQo4 Laser. Both of them can save the skin from unwanted dark spots or tattoos. These lasers are so powerful that they can remove up to 80% of melanin in a single treatment.

As you may know, melanin is the main reason why people have pigmented spots on their skin. Actually, the production of melanin is responsible for a summer tan, also.

What patients should have in mind?

Laser equipment requires an experienced specialist otherwise incidents may occur. The laser beam is a powerful beam and deep burns are possible. The pain is significant in this case so don’t risk with questionable specialists. In addition, some lasers are absolutely not suitable for olive or dark skin. That’s why make sure that chosen specialist works with a laser, which will help you. If it is done precisely, the treatment is successful 90% of cases. Other aesthetic treatment like dermal peel and microdermabrasion might have some effect but it will more gentle compared to hyperpigmentation treatment from OneFaceClinic and other aesthetic clinics. Patients at first, are scared by the pain but then are grateful they get rid of hyperpigmentation. That’s why laser equipment doesn’t stop to evolve – to satisfy all new requirements. Perfect skin needs sacrifices.