Skin Rejuvenation in Singapore by Thread lifting

The invention and rise in popularity of non-invasive beauty procedures have altered the aesthetic way of life. Most clients are seeking cheap, non-invasive, and less painful approaches with a short-term recovery period. Due to that, thread lifting has become one of the latest beauty enhancement methods in the market.

A face thread lift is no doubt one of the most popular procedures in Asia, particularly in Singapore. It is a non-surgical procedure for facial skin tightening. In this approach, the facial soft tissue (ptotic tissue) is suspended by a thread inserted in the skin by a subcutaneous method. The procedure is easy and fast because it involves inserting a thread into the skin through a cannula via a tiny incision.

Primarily, the thread is absorbed into the skin, thus leading to a slight tightening before the suture is cut at the point of insertion. With time, the suture will dissolve and produce a collection of cells and collagen called star tissue.

In Asia, the thread lifting method has evolved over the last 30 years, with many people taking it as a common lunchtime cosmetic procedure. In the past, clients raised concerns over threads that were not absorbed by the skin cells. However, modern threads are absorbable, effective, and safe.

The Korean threads are common in many Asian countries where beauty and cosmetic clinics have mushroomed due to the increased demand in thread lifting. In fact, it is a common procedure throughout Singapore, India, Thailand, Japan, and Korea.

Why People Seek ThreadLifting

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The procedure is done on people whose skin has lost firmness and volume due to ageing and skin breakdown. An old skin structure can easily be noticed from the face skin and other gravity fighting parts of the body. With thread lifting, it can tighten old and loose skin cells without undergoing surgery.

Thread lifting is common in Singapore and many Asian countries due to its popularity and effectiveness in solving skin complications without surgery. After the lifting, the skin will look younger and smoother, thereby raising the self-esteem of an individual.

One of the advantages of thread lifting is that it does not involve general anaesthetic procedures since no surgeries are involved. Advanced threads are non-invasive and are, therefore, safe and healthy as there is minimal interference with the skin cells.

Threat Lifting Treatment Options in Singapore

In Singapore, thread lifting is done to lift facial skin against gravity, make the patient’s skin look younger and refreshed, and enhance the nose bridge. These treatment procedures are effective as some lifting results are visible immediately while long-term results will take several months to be visible.

Moreover, in Singapore, thread lifting is an in-office procedure done on weekdays and on weekends upon request, and it usually takes around 60-90 minutes on average. The procedure involves giving the patient a local anaesthetic to prevent pain and discomfort before the surgeon inserts the threads in the appropriate sites. The process takes a short time, after which the patient resumes regular duties. The procedure is non-surgical.

Types of Thread Lift Available in Singapore

There are numerous thread lifts available in Singapore, and you will have to choose a thread lift depending on your doctor’s recommendations. Threads are generally categorized as barbed or non-barbed.

Also, they are available in different lengths and thickness depending on the effectiveness required. The size of a thread to be used is solely dependent on the doctor’s preference. However, each thread has its pros and cons, as indicated below:

  1. Large threads


  • More effective in skins with heavy sagging
  • Minimal threads are required to achieve maximum lifting


  • Can damage inner skin cells
  • May cause dimpling
  1. Small threads


  • Easier to insert
  • Minimal downtime and post-treatment care needed


  • Many threads required
  • Not effective on skins with heavy sagging

Cost of Thread Lifting in Singapore

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A thread lift treatment in Singapore ranges from $1500 to $4500. However, the cost varies depending on the thread’s brand and type. Besides, the doctor’s consultation fees and the post-treatment medical follow-ups will affect the cost of the treatment.

Before treatment, you should first consult other patients who have been treated for recommendations. Besides, you should also check on the techniques, the general procedures, and the quality of the materials used in the clinic.


Q: Is thread lifting safe?

A: A face thread lift is a beauty treatment that involves the subcutaneous insertion of a thread into the skin which is safe for medical use. The procedure has been tested and verified for the last 25 years.

Q: What are the benefits of a thread lift?

A: The benefits of a threadlift include skin tightening, stimulation of collagens, improved skin elasticity, reduction in fat deposits, and improvement in skin contours.

Q: What are its side effects?

A: The procedure is non-invasive with minimal side effects such as skin buckling when improperly done, mild pains, bruising, and edema.


Thread lifting is a popular treatment in Singapore and many Asian countries because it is fast and effective. Generally, it takes an average of one hour to insert the thread into the skin. In Singapore, there are many clinics that offer thread lifting at affordable prices ranging from $1500 to $4500.

Thread lifting is effective in treating old skin conditions to make it look young by tightening the loose skins. The procedure is effective and highly recommended for solving skin complications such as sagging.


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