Different Facelift Types and Thermage Facelift

Facelift procedures are different and might be suitable for different face areas. In addition, they could affect different skin layers with different power. Another division is types of incisions that are made during the procedure. The grandparent of facelift surgery is a rude technique where the surgeon cuts the skin and stretches it. As you can imagine, sculpting a face this way might be a hard task. The downside of this technique was that skin proceeded to fall because nothing holds it straight except the stitches. Thankfully, this is history and today we have modern plastic surgeries that can improve our face without the scary effect. In Singapore, many surgeons have specialized in plastic surgery area, for example. This is a great foundation for a big competition which is basic for more quality procedures.

What are different facelift types?

The Deep Plane lift – SMAS lift.

Superficial musculoaponeurotic, also called SMAS, is situated under the upper layer of the skin and involves muscles that are responsible for facial expressions. The deep plane lift includes incision along the hairline and finishing behind the ears. This facelift includes separation of the skin from the SMAS layer so the surgeon could reposition the face. If there is some excessive skin at the end of the procedure, the surgeon cuts it and stitches. This type of facelift is suitable for people who have very loose skin and lots of sagging. The procedure is long and complex and the cost is above $13 000. The results will be visible for 10 years at least.

Short Scar Lift in Singapore

This term could mean several different procedures. What is common between them is that they don’t have a full incision. First one, the S-shaped facelift is not going behind the ears. Although the incision is a short one, the surgeon manages to lift the chin area and smile lines. The second type is the minimal access cranial suspension lift also called MACS and it stops next to the earlobe. If you want to have minimal scars, these 2 procedures are the best for you. They are suitable for people who are around 50 years old.

Endoscopic Facelift type

This is hi-tech facelift because the surgeon uses a camera that is inserted in your face. Thanks to the picture, the surgeon can have a better loon on the inner structure of the facial muscles. Usually, the results from this facelift, are not spectacular compared to others so patients don’t use it very often. In addition, it can’t be used for a neck lift. the best results are visible if cheeks are treated, only. Endoscopic facelift is one type that is not going to be improved because patients are focused on more reliable ones.

Thermage facelift type

Thermage facelift in Singapore is non-invasive so there aren’t incisions. The Thermage facelift surgeons like Drcychua.com use a radiofrequency to tighten skin. The procedure is suitable for people who lack collagen in their cells, too. A thermage facelift will increase the ability of the skin to produce collagen and it will have a positive outcome for the patient’s skin condition. However, heat could be dangerous when it comes to the most precious thing – the face. That’s why there are plenty other alternatives to facelift procedures that are without so higher rate of side effects and incidents.


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