Sprained ankle treatment guide

Let me introduce you to the sprained ankle. If you were lucky enough to know how painful it is to sprain your ankle then we will save you details. If you haven’t been honoured to see your ankle swelling then we hope you never have to feel it. However, the chances to know this type of pain and discomfort are huge especially if you are exercising or you have 2 left legs. We feel your pain and that’s why we sum up what you need to do in first few days after the incident. Keep reading and next time when you have to limp because of your ankle you will minimize it.

What does it mean to sprain your ankle?

The ankle is not made of bones only. In its structure, the main function has ligaments that limit the movement. If we step awkwardly off the curb, ligaments stretch too much. In some particular cases, ligaments can tear from their end and then additional sprain ankle treatment will be needed. if you have sprained your ankle, you will feel a sudden pain, that will force you to stop what you were doing immediately. It is a nightmare for a few seconds, then the pain decreases but still occurs. Next comes the swelling. If you have pain and swelling, congratulations, you have a sprained ankle.

What should you do next?

The first thing that is necessary is to stop every activity that is going to stress your ankle. Try not to move it so much and if you feel the pain you don’t do it properly. Next thing you should do is apply an ice on the spot. Try to do it before your ankle starts swelling that’s how you are going to manage to swell and you will win this fight. If you don’t have ice packs, use soda can from the fridge. The bandage is your next option. Be careful not to wrap it too tight because you will suppress the bloodstream. It is important to remove it when you went to sleep because this is the time when your blood has to circulate freely. Next recommendation is a little strange but it works just fine. Probably, you know that bloodstream is not steady and it circulates around the body. If we stay down with our head down, then the blood goes into the head so when your ankle is sprained you have to lift it above the level of your heart. This way, not so much blood will be able to go into your sprained ankle and it won’t swell so much. Get more sprained ankle treatment tips and advice on physioactive.sg, – Your health in expert hands.

Sprained ankle treatment in next few days

First, few days are the most painful so you shouldn’t neglect it. Taking a special care for a sprained ankle is not easy so don’t push it so hard. The pain will reduce with time but it won’t disappear at least 2, 3 weeks so you shouldn’t expect miracles. Ligaments can’t heal so fast no matter what you do. If you feel really bad pain and you are sure that the ankle is sprained then you can have some pills for the pain. Have in mind that they will reduce the pain but won’t do anything more. They don’t heal stretched ligament.

However, if you are experiencing extreme pain, you should look for a professional care and physiotherapist. In Singapore, there are plenty physiotherapists that are able to relieve pain and to consult you in case you have some additional questions.