Orthopaedic Surgeons in Singapore – What they do?

Orthopaedic surgeons are the people who will help you if you break your leg or have a stiff neck. When people talk about doctors they don’t usually imagine someone who will take care of their skeletal system but in fact, our skeleton needs as much attention as an immune system, for example.

Do you know how important are skeletal system and orthopaedic surgery?

Bing an adult means to be fully developed. While we are growing every system and process in a human body are developing slowly and eventually they form an adult body. Human body of adult man or woman consists of 206 bones. Surprise, surprise, you can break every single one of them. In addition, you have ligaments, muscles and cartilages that help your bones function and stay together.

How many bones do babies have?

Babies have more bones than adult people. Although their number is bigger, their bones are smaller and softer. While babies are growing small bones combine, deform, and become in a skeletal system. Often orthopaedic surgeons recommend before undergo an orthopaedic surgery to a child to wait until his bones form completely.

Why do orthopaedic surgeons advise people to be careful with their hands and feet?

Teenagers and children usually break their legs and arms because they use it more often. Do you know that 106 bones are positioned in hands and feet in total? Your hand has 27 bones and your leg – 26. The limbs have more bones, smaller because they have to be as mobile and flexible as possible. That’s why orthopaedic surgeons recommend being careful with them.

We are all the same or not exactly.

The skeletal system is almost the same but there are some exceptions like a cervical rib. Some people have 25 ribs, not 24, but this anomaly happens rarely. For example, if you have it, you are one of 500 people. People with cervical rib have some health issues and complain more often from pain in the neck.

As we mentioned above, every human has 206 bones, which form skeletal system. They are all connected except one. An interesting fact is that there is an only one bone which is separate from the system and it is responsible for speaking. The hyoid allows us to speak and pronounce sounds. It is believed, that Neanderthals had it too, so they were able to speak as we are today.

Orthopaedic surgeons in the past

If you think that today the best orthopaedic surgeons live in Singapore, you are right to check Doctor Dwight list of top 5¬†orthopaedic surgeons in Singapore. Although modern medicine can’t be compared with the ancient times, people then have pretty good inventions. Orthopaedic surgeons in Ancient Egypt have created a functional prosthetic bone. Amazing, right? Considering how hot was there and their clothing style, you probably have already known that they were wearing sandals. Have you ever hit your big toe? Yes, it is painful but if you hit it so hard that it loses its own function you will not be able to walk easily with sandals. That’s why orthopaedic surgeons in Ancient Egypt have created an artificial big toe.

If we dig deeper and pay attention to Neanderthals we will find out a recent research with proves that they had a bone tumour as we do. There is logic in this claim because bones we have and bones they have been the same – living cells.

Orthopaedic surgeons in Ancient Egypt knew how to treat broken bones, too. Guide how to treat fractures is left on papyrus from 1600 B.C. They knew they have to realign the bone properly and make it motionless.

How strong is one bone?

If we have to make a list of the most strong things in the human body, bones will be in the top 3. Unfortunately, they are not the strongest. The tooth enamel leads the rating Thanks to calcium enamel is able to protect teeth, and we can eat with them. Of course, if we think carefully, we will realize that it is completely logical teeth to be stronger than bones because eating is more important for surviving than running, for example.

Bones are not enough

Orthopaedic surgeons take care of your muscles and ligaments, too. Imagine that human have only bones and nothing else. This would be a nightmare because we will be completely unable to move. If you are surprised, think about that – we don’t move our bones, we move muscles. They move bones. The conclusion is that we need all that muscles and ligaments to control the skeletal system. In other words, every part that is in us is important, and we have to take care of it. Visit regularly your orthopaedic surgeon is recommendable if you want to have healthy bone structure.