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Our fully licensed and background-checked providers are the best at what they do: providing high quality care and services.

Elizabeth, a RetraceHealth provider

Elizabeth, FNP

“My favorite thing is to empower patients with the support they need to help them live the life they want to live.”

heart Women's health

Genevieve, a RetraceHealth provider

Genevieve, FNP

“I am honored with the privilege to truly be a part of a patient's life - a partner, an advocate, a confidante, and a cheerleader.”

heart Family practice, Nursing leadership

Tessa, a RetraceHealth provider

Tessa, FNP

“Everyone needs healthcare sometime, so I always treat every patient as if it were my own or my family's health concern.”

heart Primary care

Kate, a RetraceHealth provider

Kate, PNP

“I think educating people about their bodies and minds are key to promoting good health.”

heart Pediatric


Mark, MD

“RetraceHealth is how medicine should be. My favorite thing about working with patients is hearing their stories.”

heart Hospital medicine, Internal medicine

Sarah, a RetraceHealth provider

Sarah, FNP

“I strive to partner with the patient while developing a trusting and caring relationship.”

heart Allergies, Asthma, Women's health

Robin, a RetraceHealth provider

Robin, FNP

“I think one of the most important pieces to our health is stress management and taking time for ourselves.”

heart Wellness, Functional medicine

Lindze, a RetraceHealth provider

Lindze, RN

“Nursing is not only my career but my passion. I treat every life I encounter with the dignity and respect that they deserve.”

heart Wellness, Women's health